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Dealer Program

Appearance matters. Vehicles with crystal clear new headlights sell faster and for more money than vehicles with yellow, hazy, oxidized headlights...quickly moving inventory results in higher profit.

By participating in Headlight Facelift's reconditioning program at a discounted rate for pre-owned vehicles, dealers maintain a foggy headlight free inventory.

Service managers can also utilize our services to restore customers' oxidized headlights who bring their cars in for repair and maintenance. Maybe a customer is very unhappy with their hazy headlight appearance and your shop doesn't have the ability or the time to restore them, or maybe they don't even bring it up but you notice their headlights are really us and we will come out and not only make their headlights look showroom new, but also protect them for years with our clear coat sealant we apply...with our warranty.

Prices for our headlight restoration are at a special discounted rate for car dealers and service managers because of the referral and multiple vehicle nature. Please contact us to discuss our discounted rates.

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Guaranteed Like New!

Guaranteed 100% Like New, or it's FREE!

Only $79.95 !!

  • Don't Replace, Restore!
  • Reverse the Aging
  • Lengthen Life Expectancy
  • Enhance Auto Appearance
  • Restore Clarity/Brightness
  • Increase Night Visibility
  • Increase Safety
  • Increase Resale Value
  • Save Money

We Come To YOU!!


"Steve did an outstanding job on my headlights. I am more than happy with the results, I'm thrilled! They are bright, clear and perfect! Thank you!"



"When Steve Behmke says they will look like new, he means they will "LOOK NEW". I tried 2 different off the shelf products to do this myself with very disappointing results. Ne..."

Herb Weiss

Steve put the WOW factor back in my CLK headlights!

"Headlight Facelift did a fantastic job on my Audi A4. I tried a self kit first and basically wasted $20 and a lot of work and time on my part. They fixed what I did and made the..."


Financial Advisor

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